I was born during the depression and of course I was an accident. My Mother had my brother Angelo who was six years old. My brother Mike who was three years old and my sister Jennie who was a year and one half old. So was I welcomed with open arms? Yes! And you know why? Because we lived with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Gracie, Uncle Joey, Uncle Jimmy, and we all loved each other. Was I loved? You bet I was.

I remember getting slapped everyday and knew I deserved it. They would all say we slap you because we love you. But that was so hard to believe. I guess it was all true cause I grew up respecting my elders. To this day I never regret my parents being strict and leading us the right way.

Of course the teenage years were tough because we weren’t able to date until we were 16. But my sister and I would say we were going to the library and instead we met our boyfriends and made out. Now by making out it was just kissing and that was it. Making out today means going all the way. I fell in love at eighteen married at 19 had two beautiful sons, John and Joe. I also have four grand children and two great grand children. Ashley and Joseph. Their Daddy is my grandson and we all live together.

I’m 81 years old and have been married 61 years. My husband just passed away recently and I look back and say to myself, “How lucky was I to have such a wonderful life” Life is what you make of it. Believe me I had my share of ups and down. But how great if you could maximize the good things and minimize the sad and hurtful things that happen is your life. My personality could do that. I’m still working 3 days a week as a hairdresser and am still raising my great Grand daughter. Most people say how do you do it. And I say I love every minute of it.

Today my favorite thing to do is have lunch with my baby twin sisters who are 72 and who my mother trusted me at 8 years old to raise them. We do love each other and often talk about our lives and how lucky we were to be raised in a warm, loving family. We love to get together and cook our favorite Italian recipes.


  1. You guys are all wonderful. Love your videos. Cant wait to see more. I say the same thing now, I am glad my parents were strict! :)

    • wow you were a child bride. I got married at 25 it didnt turn out but loevly to see ones that did. Love seeing wedding fashion would you pick the same dress if you got married now??Sarah recently posted..[]

    • I know what you mean about mountains, Joanne! The Three Sisters are bfautieul. Perhaps our soul connects deeply with the rugged peaks as they metaphorically invite us to the heights within ourselves.Kathy recently posted..

  2. McKayla says:

    Wow. You three beautiful ladies are amazing; not to mention hilarious! So much insight and positivity yet you’re not close-minded nor judgemental. I think you 3 ladies are my new heroes. I’m only 21 and I absolutely adore you guys! And I wish to be like you someday(: PLEASE post more videos and i’m going to advertise you ladies like crazy ’cause you 3 deserve it! JUST SHOWING SOME LOVE! (: Sincerely, your newest devoted fan.

  3. My anniversary is in two weeks and we will have been mareird for 23 years! I also love my husband more now than I did back then Happy Anniversary Katrina and cheers to the many many wonderful years ahead. xxSomething Gorgeous recently posted..[] Reply:March 4th, 2012 at 2:22 pmThat’s lovely! Thanks so much.[]

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